Lehell Manufacturing

The Lehell Manufacturing is headquartered in system Otunia, Bosph sector which is situated at the north part of the galaxy, and we have to constantly make every possible effort to keep abreast of changes occurring on the galactic scene in this field.
The Lehell Manufacturing has always incorporated technological innovations into our products in order to satisfy the needs of the times. Our present position could never have been attained without the continuous improvements that we have been making throughout our corporate history.
Our motto is “Moving Ever Onward, Asserting Distinctive Strengths, Spawning New Ideas”.
The Lehell Manufacturing is available to individuals and factions across the Galaxy. We are neutral production faction.
DC rentals are available. For more information about DC rentals please contatct our CEO.
We offer to our customer:
- DC rental (if available)
- Factory rental (if available)
- Factory/Station management
If you want to join us or have any question please contact our CEO via DM.